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angel wing in cloudsI had a client last year who’s grown up daughter was going travelling. She wanted to give her something as a keepsake and also to protect her.
The odd thing was that she confessed to not having any superstitions or beliefs and yet she was basically looking for an amulet or protective charm.

For many, the St Christopher has fulfilled this function over the centuries. In the legend St Christopher was serving Christ by carrying people across a dangerous river that was causing many fatalities and, in the course of his labours, ended up carrying the child Christ across as well.

Back to my client, you can see how when sending a child out into a dangerous world, you would want to call on any form or protection that you could lay your hands on, and this clearly overrides the rational materialism of the age.  ‘Well, It can’t do any harm.’ is a common response.

We decided on a an angel in the end. The concept of a guardian angel is so personal and it feels like you’re handing your loved one on to someone who can care for them in your stead, rather than just trying to invoke some mechanism within the unseen Universe. I sent her a picture of the piece when it was finished and she emailed me back saying, “Now you’ve made me cry.”

This is what makes my job worth doing. Not making people cry, but the privilege of being involved in significant events in the lives of those with whom I have to do.

If they exist then angels are not the wafty white things that we tend to picture or the chubby, winged babies of the Renascence; they’re clearly both more serious and more incognito than that. I know people who believe that they’ve had encounters with angels in their lives so it would interesting to collect some stories. If you’ve got one then please contribute it below. The most convincing one will win a free Angel Pendant. Make it up if you want to but remember that you’ll have to convince me. I’ll contact the winner directly and also announce it on my Facebook page.

You can see and buy the Guardian Angel Pendant in the Rogue’s Gallery if you want to have a better look.

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